Mission and Annual Report

Mission Statement
To enrich the diverse community of Westfield by providing open access to educational, cultural, recreational and informational resources and programs.

Vision Statement
The Westfield Athenaeum will provide additional public space that is inviting, convenient, safe, and easily accessible to its patrons. Here the community of Westfield will find a friendly, welcoming environment in a convenient location where public meetings and forums are regularly held. As a community and information center, the Athenaeum will continually enhance its library materials and resources in all formats, and improve its technology, so that residents and visitors will be able to pursue a wide array of educational, recreational, cultural, and informational interests. As a cultural center, the Athenaeum will enable the greater Westfield community to participate in an expanded offering of educational, artistic, and cultural programming for all ages.

Annual Report 2012 (pdf, 42 pages)

Strategic Plan 2012 (pdf, 14 pages)

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