Borrowing Policies

Library Cards

In order to check out items, you must present your library card. If you do not have your C/W MARS card with you, a valid form of ID may be used to temporarily access your card.

Replacement cards are $2.00

Massachusetts Residents

There is no charge for Massachusetts residents to sign up for a library card.

Library cards may be obtained by presenting a photo ID that lists your current address. Valid forms of identification include, but are not limited to: a MA drivers license, MA State ID, school or college ID or a travel visa. If your current address does not appear on your ID, you must present a piece of mail with your current local address in addition to a photo ID when obtaining an initial library card.

Out-of-State Residents

Out-of-State cards are issued free of charge to teachers and school administrators in the Massachusetts school system and to people who own property in Massachusetts.

The out-of-state fee for others will be $25 per year beginning with new registrations.

(Revised 12/91)

Loan periods

  • Museum Passes – 1 day
  • Videos, DVDs, Video Games and periodicals - 1 week
  • eReaders – 2 weeks
  • New Adult Fiction Books - 2 weeks
  • Other materials - 3 weeks


Renew online

  • Most materials may be renewed ONCE
  • Renewal period is for the same amount of time as the original loan
  • Renew materials in person, online, or by calling 413-568-7833

Item Limits

  • Most borrowers may have up to 50 items at a time
  • Short-term residents and patrons with temporary cards limited to a maximum of 2 items checked out at any time.

Book Drop

  • Book drops at Children’s entrance and on the driveway side of the building
  • You are responsible for materials that are damaged or stolen before they are checked in

Returning materials to other libraries

  • With the exception of museum passes and eReaders, you may return items to another library in the C/WMARS network
  • Items returned to a library outside the C/WMARS network remain on your record until they are returned to the owning library. You are responsible for fines that accumulate.

Holds Pick up Policy

Approved by the Westfield Athenaeum Board of Directors December 13, 2010

  • Materials on hold may be picked up by requestor or a family member with permission to present that patron's library card
  • Materials being held for a patron in good standing may be picked up by another person, such as a spouse or household member, however they must present that person's library card.
  • Individuals may link their library record to a household member's record. Linked patrons may present their own library card to pick up holds for the patron with which they are linked. The item will be charged to the card on which the hold was placed. Such links must be established in person and will be reviewed at the time a card is renewed as part of the updating process.

Privacy Policy

Approved by the Westfield Athenaeum Board of Directors December 13, 2010

For your protection and security, your Library Card is the preferred mode of accessing your account. The Westfield Athenaeum is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of individuals' accounts. Therefore we ask you to have your card ready when processing all transactions.

  • Using your card indicates that you approve of each item checked out on your account (Remember-Library Cards are not transferable, even among family members!)
  • Using your card assures your security and privacy. The Westfield Athenaeum adheres to the policy of the American Library Association, which states that friends or family members, including parents and their children, may NOT access each other's accounts without that patrons consent. The Westfield Athenaeum does not discriminate by age regarding this privacy policy.
  • In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws (Chapter 78 Section 7) all patrons, juveniles and adults, are granted equal privacy rights. In the case of an issue on the record of a juvenile, the legal parent or guardian may request a list of items that have been billed or generated fines. The list will then be mailed to the cardholder.
  • Adults, juveniles and teens have the right to privacy regarding their library materials.

Material Replacement Costs

Replacement fee is listed on the item record.  If no replacement cost is listed the lowest default cost from another Library or Amazon.com will be used.

Partial Replacement Costs:

Barcode Label $2.00
CD Booklet $2.00
Book Jacket $2.00
CD Case $1.00 multi-disc case $5.00
DVD Case $1.00 multi-disc case $5.00

As of January 1, 2015, no replacement copies will be accepted.

Lost and paid items that are returned within 14 days are eligible for a full refund.

This list is for the Westfield Athenaeum only.  For any items lost or damaged from another library use the CWMARS lost and damaged policy.


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