Computer Use Policy

Public Computers

  •         Computers for adults, teens and kids available on a first-come, first-served basis

  •         Free Internet access


  •     Free Wi-Fi for your laptop or portable device

  •         WestAth Wifi (the library‚Äôs Wi-Fi network) does not have a password; as an open network, patrons are advised not to do banking or sensitive transactions

  •         Funded by a generous grant from the Friends of the Westfield Athenaeum

Computer Use Policy

The Westfield Athenaeum welcomes all users of our public computers. The staff will provide help and advice on using the computers, as appropriate (one-on-one instruction appointments can be made for more extensive technology training). The Internet is an un-moderated medium and includes information that may be erroneous, out-of-date, controversial or sexually explicit. The user is responsible for identifying and/or avoiding such information, not the Athenaeum staff. In order to serve the needs of our patrons, the following requirements must be met:

  •           Patrons are allowed two 30 minute sessions per day.

  •          Telephone reservations are not accepted.

Acceptable Use

Internet resources are to be used in a responsible manner consistent with educational, informational and recreational purposes. Patrons of all ages are expected to use the computers in a responsible manner, respecting the rights of others.

Unacceptable Use

Computer privileges may be suspended or cancelled, at the discretion of the Librarian, if a patron is found tampering with the computers, including any violations noted below:

  • Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance
  •            Vandalizing the data of other users

  •            Gaining unlawful access, including "hacking" and other unlawful activities

  •            Invading the privacy of others

  •           Violating software license agreements and copyright laws

  •           Violating other federal, state or local laws

  •           Deliberately displaying obscene images

  •           Providing minors with access to materials that are harmful to them

  •          Transmission or display of threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene materials

Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide guidance to their children for the safe usage of electronic mail (email), chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communication. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that their child does not access sites that may be inappropriate or potentially harmful to the child. The library prohibits such access.

Approved by the Westfield Athenaeum Board of Trustees December 2014

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