Jasper Rand Exhibit and Display Policy

The purpose of the Jasper Rand Art Museum gallery is to present exhibits in all media that would serve to stimulate the appreciation and understanding of art in the greater Westfield community. Priority will be given first to local artists and artisans residing in Westfield or Western Massachusetts, and second, to those artists from other parts of the Commonwealth. Artists or collectors from other states who apply for an exhibit will be considered, but will be given lowest priority. The Athenaeum reserves the right to exhibit items from its own collections or to exhibit traveling collections at its discretion.

Artists interested in exhibiting their own work or items from their personal collection, should submit an application(link), and should make available at least three (3) slides, photographs or examples of representative work, along with a brief description of the artist's training or background. A list of galleries, museums and/or previous shows where their work has been exhibited should be included, along with a brief description of the works and/or the artist's philosophy of art.

Exhibits may be flat or three-dimensional, including paintings, drawings, etchings posters, photographs, mixed media, sculptures, textiles, pottery, crafts and collectibles. All artwork must be properly framed. If accepted, the exhibits will remain on display for one month. Either individuals or groups may apply to exhibit their work, and applications will be accepted from professional artists, accomplished amateurs and collectors. Those submitting an application should indicate which exhibit months they prefer, by specifying first, second or third choice.

The artist(s) will work with the Athenaeum staff to develop an effective exhibit. The actual hanging and removal of the exhibit will be the responsibility of the artist. Any artwork that is not suitably framed may be refused for exhibit. Exhibits will be completed 24 hours in advance of the planned opening.

The artist(s) will keep the work on display for the complete exhibit period (normally extending from the beginning of the month to the end of the month), and will remove the exhibit promptly at its completion.

The artist(s) will provide a complete list of the works on exhibit along with the price (if any) of each item. The list of works and their prices (if any) will be kept at the Circulation Desk and will be available for public inquiry.

The Athenaeum reserves the right to publicize the exhibit and related events.

Athenaeum staff are not authorized to act as agents in the sale of art displayed inthe Jasper Rand Art Museum gallery.

Artists may hold a public reception during the time period their work is on exhibit, with prior approval by the Athenaeum Director.

The artist(s) agree the Athenaeum will be held harmless against any damage, negligence or loss, which may arise while the exhibits are on the premises.

Application to Exhibit

Approved by the Westfield Athenaeum Board of Trustees, December 13, 2004

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