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Rise to Knowledge Gift Cards

In lieu of a gift of flowers or wine, give a host or hostess a donation to the Westfield Athenaeum’s Rise to Knowledge Campaign this holiday season. Stop by the circulation desk for more information!

Rise to Knowledge Campaign

Our renovation project, "Rise to Knowledge," is well under way. Here is the progress to date:

  • Boys' and Girls' Library, Fiction area and Reference Room have been completely gutted
  • Hazardous materials removed
  • New insulation applied for energy efficiency
  • New fire suppression sprinklers being installed
  • New ceiling and lights installed
  • Removal of exterior ramp completed

Next Steps...

Our contractor, Forish Construction, will be working on:

  • Constructing a new ramp and and West entry to include up-to-date vertical platform lift
  • Creating community foyer area with 2 accessible restrooms
  • Building a private study room and dedicated staff area within reference room

Also included in this project are:

  • Technology improvements: Wi-Fi enhancements and new public computers
  • An expanded local history room

Once the above is completed, work will begin on the Boys' and Girls' Library.

We need your help! This is the first major renovation project at the Athenaeum in over 50 years. We have raised over $1.2 million through grants and community fundraising. Your donation will help us to reach our next campaign goal. Please contribute! Click the donate button above, or mail or drop off a check to:

Westfield Athenaeum Rise to Knowledge Campaign
6 Elm Street
Westfield, MA 01085


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