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4th Infantry (1789-1792): Resignation of Officers

10th Mass.Company D. Co. B (1845-1850): Hampden Gaurds Orderly book, Militia


Adams Nursery, (1849-1974): Catalogues, clippings, photos, letterhead

Advertising (1880-1900s): Late 19th Century Business Cards

Agan Family & Business (1912-1924): Account book, inventory, and genealogy, of Agans 1857 - 1910

Aged Women’s Home of Westfield (1899-1916): Record of members, minutes- becomes Sarah Gillett Home

Alderman, Ladd (1890-1917): Scrapbook, receipt book, partial diary. Used by a man, woman, and child at various times

Allen, Amos (1801-1822): Tannery distillery, and cobbler ledgers(2) Wyben MA

Anonymous-Woman (1931): Diary Grandparents were Wellers, Aunt: Mary Fox, Orrin Parks is relative

Ashley, Israel (1806-1814): Justice of the Peace Ledger, Westfield Hampshire county 1806 - 1914, (Hampden county started in 1812)

Atwater, Noah Rev.(1781 – 1801): Diary on almanac pages, First Congregational church, Account book with town of Westfield

Avery, Joseph Sheldon (1818-30): Blacksmith accounts

Ayers, Walter (1944-2006): Preservation of cemeteries, bike trail


Banks (1920s-1986): Advertizing, flyers and emphemera of early banks- First and Third National, Hampden Bank

Barnes Airport (1930s-1980s): Barnes Airport, Air National Guard

Bartlett Notebooks (1600s-1800s): Hand copied from original documents (see EDWIN ONLINE)

Bates, William G. (1814-1880): Reciepts, correspondence, photographs, speeches

Bryant Box Company (1892-1938): Paper, Cigar, and Lunch Box Industry

Businesses (1908-1948): City Hall's card file of local businesses

Burke, Alice D. (1910s-1950s):Scrapbooks of newspapers clippings of her tenure with some papers


Callins & Bates (1811-1847): Justices of the Peace Ledgers

Canals (1826-2006): Canals (Western Massachusetts)

Celebrations (1841-2002): Westfield Celebrations, largely 250th and 300th

Cemeteries(1600-1950): Cementary maps, gravestones, and history

Chambers, Thelma (1920-1950s): Predominantly photographs of local performers and performances with some documents

Chamberlain, William N. (1866-1877): Diaries, receipts, and notes from his work as a police constable, court and truant officer

Cigar Industry (1880 - 1914): Westfield Cigar Industry

City Government (1930s-1980s): Roscoe Scott Newsclippings

Clark Family (1867-1931): Patty Lee Waterman & Anna G. Clark's diaries and scrapbooks (news events and plays), Hopefully Well Affected Club

Clarke, Asa B. (1848-1850): Handwritten copy of his Gold rush diary and ephemera

Cloth or Thread Account Book (1818-1819): Ledger

Columbia Bicyle (1891-1991): Pictures, news clippings, catalogs and ephemera

Crane Paper Company (1857-1910): Ledger


Davis, Emerson (1673-1856): Sermons, speeches, photographs of 1st Church pastor and local historian

Dean, William (1846-1870): Whip Maker Ledger, personal accounts,

Dental Registry (1906/1907) : Ledger, registry

Dewey, Luis M. (1865-1931): Genealogies, news clippings, notes, correspondence, scrap books, deeds, photographs

Duport, Joseph (1863-1934):papers and photographs


Eggleston, Francis (1777-1795):Cookbook/scrap book written over an account book, copy of New Testament (1813)

Egleston F.S. (1845): Account book

Ely, Govenor Joseph (1905-1948): Correspondence, news clippings and photographs of Ely's political life-largely 1930-31, 1948.


Fire Department (1873-1986): Records of fires, news clippings, photographs

First Congregational Church (1667-present) News clippings, Membership Books, Pamphlets, Scrapbooks, Bulletins.

Fortnightly Club (1902 - 1959: Correspondence, programs, ledgers, scrapbook

Foster Machine Co.(1950s-1960s): Photographs and information relating to the company, textile machinery

Fowler Family (1652-2005): Deeds, bills, ledgers, geneology, correspondence, photographs, news clippings

Fowler, Abner (1766-1790): Southwick accounts, early settler of Fowler, Ohio

Fowler, C. (1882-1919): Cash book, crop insurance records, tobacco wholesaler

Fowler, Frances (1887-1889): Journals including European tour

Fowler, James (1809-1872): Accounts, records of cattle, horses, and gardening (1825 - 1872), founder of Fowler, Ohio

Fowler, Samuel (1790-1808): Justice of the Peace records, loan records

Fowler, L. D. (1845-1846): Store account books

Fowler, Linus & Frederick (1803-1840): Ledger of carter of goods, 4th from last page account of births and deaths of Daniel Fowler family 1755-1802

Fox, Hiram (1879-1895): Theater records of Westfield (1878 - 1904), records of fires (1881 - 1883), some records of theater in Springfield and Holyoke

Fraternal Order of Eagles (1945-1995): Ladies Auxillary

Fuller, Richard (1940s): Photographs albums of mayoral events (2)


Gillett & Munson (1864-1867): Cash account book for store in Westfield

Gillett Family (1800-1950): Deeds, bills, ledgers, speeches, geneology, poetry, word puzzles, correspondence, photographs, news clippings relating to Edward Bates, Lucy Fowler, Lucy Douglas, Frederick Huntington and other relatives


Hampden Bank (1826-1913): Account books

Hampden Guards (1845-1850): Orderly book of Company D. Co. B 10th Mass. Militia

Hatch, Harris & John (1793-1841): Day book, tavern accounts

Hawkins, Gordon (1895-1974): Poems and correspondence

Hedges Family (1870s): photographs of family at Middle Farms

Historic Houses of Westfield

Holland Family (1760-1906): 19th century deeds, bills, ledgers, geneology scrapbook, poetry, correspondence, diary, photographs

Holland, Henry, (1870s-1900): Mechanical Street Cemetary gravestone list

Hull, Hiram (1796-1861): Whip manufacturer, Selectman papers and photographs

Humaston, Orrin (1831-1843): Shoemaker Ledger


Johnson, Mary Ann Douglas (1900s): Photographs of family and listing of her paintings; Athenaeum holds some of her paintings

Johnson Organ Co. (1840s-1901): Photographs and lists of Wm. Johnson's organs with some material on other local organ builders.


Kittredge Family (1886-1920s): Correspondence, Greeting Cards, Scrapbook, Book, Magazine, Photographs

Kiwanis (1929-2002): Photgraphs, programs, and pamphlet.

Knowles, Milton D. (1845-1857): Cash book and accounts, whip company


Lamb, Huck (1980-2005): Photographs, newspaper, magazine articles reguarding Westfield soldiers and many nuances of Westfield' s history

Littleville Dam (1950s-1960s):

Livery Stable (1853-1859): Account book

Loomis Automobile Collection (1880s-1910): Notes, photographs, scrapbooks, diaries and news clippings of Gilbert J. Loomis designs for cars; includes Mechanical Tire Co. catalog (1898)


Masons (1888-1963): Directory, Newspaper articles, Photographs, Programs Methodist Church (1833-2007 [bulk 1833-1927]): Annual Reports, Church Bulletins and Programs, Cookbooks, Deed, Directories, Histories and Photographs.

Morand, Dorothy O. (1871-1879): Diary of religious reflections

Moseley, Jeremiah (1799-1809): Day book, family births and deaths (in back)


Noble, James (1818-1871): Account book, family history, includes guardian accounts from Eazer Weller in 1860's

Noble, Jared (1790-1834): Ledger of tanning mill and salt peter still

Noble, Paul (1775-1793): Shoemaker account book


Palczynski, John (1950s - 2008): Correspondence, maps, building plans, mayoral files

Park Family Diaries (1895-1947): Oren B. and Oren E.'s detailed diaries covering Westfield events, weather, engineering works

Peck, Edwin L. (1839-1898): Civil war soldier's manuscripts, memorabilia, photographs, maps

Phelps Family (1788-1860): Ledger with birth and death records on p. 160

Phelps, Moses & Aaron (1772-1816): Account Book

Post (1816-1817): Store accounts, cash book

Post, Amos (1824-1859): Account Book

Pratt Family (1909-1940s): School report cards, scrapbooks, ration card, vignettes, photographs, music


Rotary & Men's Clubs (1880s-1970s) By-Laws, Constitutions, Pictures, Postcards, Programs, Pamphlets, Newspaper Articles, Scrapbooks.

Robbins, Frank (1920s-1950s): Photograph albums of Westfield, family and travels, sketches, genealogy, and documents, also contains a tiny (1"x2") book of poetry.

Robinson's Reminders (1920s-1960): Westfield Pocket Reminder Booklet Industry, Westfield Manufacturing Industry

Root, Moses (1732-1755): Sawmill Ledger with family records.


Sackett, Aaron (1811-1847): Shoemaker Ledger with births and deaths records

Sackett Family (1632-1890s): Genealogies, wills, photographs, deeds

Sackett, Ozam & Aaron (1764-1810): Shoemakers' day book

Sackett, William & James (1757-1812): Harness Makers' account book with family births and deaths

Schools (1793-1980): District schools, High schools, Intermediate and Trade schools, Westfield Normal/WSC, school committee and PTOs

Searle, George (1910-1940s): Correspondence as Tax collector and mayor

Second Congregational Church (1857-1966): Books, Bulletins, Directories, Reports, Pamphlets, Newspaper Articles, Programs

Sewage Treatment Plant (1947-1963): Scrapbook, Sewage Treatment

Sheldon, Thomas (1830s): Correspondence, deeds, notes, and diary

Shepard Family (1770-1800s): Correspondence, bible, photographs of General William Shepard's family with some genealogical information

Shurtleff Children's Services (1888-1992): Orphanage Records-parts are restricted

Slauter, George T. (1917-1938): Bills and receipts, one family photograph

Smith, H. B. Company (1850 - 1978): Westfield Steam & Water Heating Industry, Boiler industry manuals and advertising, sales books, photographs, & ephemera

Stanley Corporation (1931-1970): Home Product Industry


Taylor Family (18th century): Account books, letters, deeds, inventories, table of contents included in box

Tekoa Country Club (1920-1960): Photographs, pamphlets, and papers of the Country Club

Theater (1855-1979): Photographs, newspaper clippings, and local

published songs

Trolleys in Westfield (1894 - 1927): Pictures, Postcards, Pamphlets, Contracts, Newspaper Articles.

Truelove's Business (c.1850s - 1980s): Memorabilia for most Westfield business arranged by type


Washington St. Hotel 1923-1935 Register

Western Mass. Hospital

Westfield Acdemy (1800-1970): Trustee paperwork, correspondence, early papers, records, will.

Westfield Almshouse (1902-1941): Records of admission

Westfield Board of Public Works(1921-1938): Minutes, 2 volumes

Westfield Club (1874-1909): Minutes of annual and special meetings, constitution, records of visitors and bets

Westfield Fortnightly Club (1902-1959): Women's Club

Westfield History (1765-1916): Historical pamphlets, bills, deeds, warrants, etc.

Westfield Library Company (1792-1864): Constitution, book records, list of physicians in back

Westfield Manufacturing Company (1812-1815): Cotton or wool mill ledgers, built by Richard Falley

Westfield Marble (1896-1950s): Newspaper clippings, geological report and a box of slides of the quarry

Westfield People (1700s- 1990s): Papers on different Westfield individuals

Westfield Power Company (1879-1910): Minutes and records

Westfield Rifle Club (1915-1919): Minutes

Westfield River Parkway (1920-1940): Maps, brochures, & documents relating to this tourism endeavor

Westfield Sportmen's Club (1917): Club Records

Westfield Theater (1855-1979): Theater news clippings, photographs, articles, broadsides, posters and sheet music

Whip Industry (1831-1936): Westfield Whip Companies-Catalogs, Correspondence, Deeds, Whip Labels, Patents, Photographs, Publicity, Organizational Records, Tax Returns

Whitcomb, Phineas (1853-1865): Blacksmith accounts

White's Quaint Shop (1920-1930s): Westfield General Goods Company-Scrapbooks of the company's advertisements, Photographs and Ephemera

Whitney, Abel (1801-1806): Justice of the Peace Records Westfield, Hampshire County

Women's Clubs (1880s-1950s): Constitutions, Bylaws, Meeting Notes, Correspondence, Minutes, Newspaper Articles, Plays, Programs, and Photographs

Woronoco Savings Bank (1871-2000): Accounts and Receipt books, Photographs, Advertising and Ephemera


YMCA (1900s-1945): Publications, ephemera, magazine, photographs, Camp Driftwood, education, sports, social notices

Yoeman, Ira (1845-1857): Sawmill and gristmill accounts

Young Men’s Musical and Literary Club (1857-1858): High school society minutes

Youth Company Newspaper (1840s): Newspapers


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